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AH Chapter 07 The Progressive Era Vocabulary

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oligopolymarket in which a few large companies control prices for an industry
muckrakera journalist who uncovers abuses and corruption in a society
initiativethe right of citizens to place a measure or issues before the voters or the legislature for approval
referendumthe practice of letting voters accept or reject measures proposed by the legislature
recallthe right that enables voters to remove elected officials from office
suffragista man or woman who fought for a woman's right to vote
prohibitionban on manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor (18th Amendment 1919)
trustbustersomeone who breaks up a trust into smaller companies
arbitrationsettling a dispute by agreeing to accept the decision of an impartial outsider
Square DealTheodore Roosevelt's promise of fair and equal treatment for all
conservationthe protection and preservation of natural resources
discriminationunfair treatment of a group; unequal treatment because of a person's race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth
mutualistaMexican American self-defense groups
barrioa Spanish-speaking neighborhood in a city
Pendleton Actestablished the Civil Service Commission to give examinations for federal jobs
Sherman Antitrust Actthe first federal law to control trusts and monopolies
Interstate Commerce Actset up a committee to oversee railroad and later trucking industries
Eugene V. Debshelped found the American Socialist Part in 1898
Ida Tarbelldescribed the oil trust's unfair practices
Upton Sinclairdescribed the horrors of the Chicago meatpacking industry
Jane Addamsbecame a pioneer in the emerging field of social work
Mother Cabrinian Italian nun who came to the U.S. to work with the poor
Mary Church Terrellan African American leader for women's rights
Frances Willardeducated the public about the dangers of alcohol abuse
Federal Reserve Actcreated 12 regional banks supervised by a central board in Washington D.C.
Clayton Antitrust Actone of the government's chief weapons used against trusts
Ku Klux Klanlashed out against minorities, including Catholics, Jew, and immigrants, as well as African Americans
Booker T. Washingtonborn a slave, taught himself to read, and founded the Tuskegee Institute
W.E.B. Du Boisthe first African American to receive a doctorate degree from Harvard University
behalfin the interest of
professionaloccupations requiring special knowledge or education
intelligencethe ability to understand and use knowledge
inspectcarefully examine`
primaryan election in which voters choose their party's candidates
denynot allow access to
biasprejudice; unbalanced view or consideration

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