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AH Chapter 11 The Depression Vocabulary

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stock exchangea place where shares in corporations are bought and sold through an organized system
defaultto fail to meet an obligation, especially a financial one
reliefaid for the needy; welfare
public worksprojects such as highways, parks, and libraries built with public funds for public use
work reliefprograms that gave needy people government jobs
migrant workera person who moves from place to place to fine work harvesting fuits and vegetables
fascista person with extremely nationalistic views
pensiona sum paid regularly to a person, usually after retirement
unemployment insurancepayments by the government for a limited period of time to people who have lost their jobs
"Black Thursday"panicked traders sold almost 13 million shares on October 24, 1929
Great Depressiona severe economic crisis
Bonus Armyformed by jobless veterans who wanted their World War I bonuses
Franklin D. RooseveltDemocratic governor chosen to run for president in 1932
Eleanor RooseveltFranklin Roosevelt's wife, a partner in his public and political life
Hundred Daysa period in which Roosevelt's proposals for new economic programs were quickly approved by Congress
New Deallaws and regulations which affected banking, the stock market, industry, agriculture, public works, relief for the poor, and conservation of resources
Tennessee Valley Authorityaimed to control flooding, promote, or help advance, conservation and development, and bring electricity to rural areas
Frances Perkinsthe first woman ever to serve in the cabinet
Dust Bowlwestern Kansas & Oklahoma, northern Texas, and eastern Colorado and New Mexico
Ralph Bunchean African American appointed to a federal post by Roosevelt
Mary McLeod Bethunean African American served as an advisor to the president
Indian Reorganization Actrestored traditional tribal government and provided money for land purchases to enlarge some reservations
Spanish Civil Warfascists tried to take over the Spanish government
Second New Deala new set of programs and reforms launched in 1935
Social Security Actcreated a tax on workers and employers, which provided monthly pensions for retired people
John L. Lewishelped form a new union, the Congress of Industrial Organizations
Fair Labor Standards Actbanned child labor and set a minimum wage of 40 cents per hour
collapsebreak down
promoteto help in advance
schemea plan
welfarestandard care; well-being

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