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AH Chapter 12 America and World War II Vocabulary

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dictatora leader who rules with total authority, often in a cruel or brutal manner
fascisma political system, headed by a dictator, that calls for extreme nationalism and racism and no tolerance of opposition
anti-Semitismhostility toward or discrimination against Jews
totalitariana political system in which the government suppresses all opposition and controls most aspects of people's lives
appeasementaccepting demands in order to avoid conflict
blitzkriegname given to the sudden, violent offensive attacks the Germans used during World War II; "lightning war"
disarmamentremoval of weapons
mobilizationgathering resources and preparing for war
rationto give out scarce items on a limited basis
civil defenseprotective measures taken in case of attack
internment campdetention center where Japanese Americans were moved to and confined during World War II
siegemilitary blockade
genocidethe deliberate destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group
Holocaustthe name given to the mass slaughter of Jews and other groups by the Nazis during World War II
concentration campprison camps used to hold people for political reasons
island hoppinga strategy used during WWII that called for attacking and capturing certain key islands
kamikazeduring WWII, a Japanese suicide pilot whose mission was to crash into his target
Benito Mussoliniwon power by appealing to Italians who resented that Italy had won little in the Versailles treaty
Joseph Stalinthe Communist leader of the Soviet Union
Munich ConferenceBritish and French leaders agreed to give the Sudetenland to Germany
Allied PowersGreat Britain and France
Axis PowersGermany, Italy, and Japan
Winston ChurchillPrime Minister of Great Britain
Atlantic Chartera pledge that people would be free to choose their own form of government and live free of fear and want
Pearl Harboran American military base in Hawaii
WACsWomen's Army Corps
WAVESWomen Appointed for Volunteer Emergency Service in the Navy
Tuskegee AirmenAfrican American fighter group
bracerofarm and railroad workers from Mexico
NiseiJapanese American citizens who were born in the U.S.
Dwight D. EisenhowerAmerican general who led British and American forces
George PattonAmerican general
Operation Overlordthe invasion of occupied Europe
D-DayJune 6, 1944, the day of the Allied invasion
V-E DayVictory in Europe, May 8, 1945
Harry S. Trumanvice president who became president after the death of Roosevelt
Douglas MacArthurcommanded Filipino and American troops
Bataan Death Marcha 60 mile forced march of Bataan prisoners of war
Battle of MidwayAmerican sea victory northwest of Hawaii
Guadalcanalone of the Solomon Islands
Battle of Leyte GulfAmerican ships destroyed most of the Japanese fleet
V-J DayVictory over Japan, August 15, 1945
obtainto gain
unifyto join together
targetan object of attack
fundsource of money
shiftto move
overseasacross the ocean
concentrateto focus ones effort on something
tenseanxious or nervous
securegain control
conflictdisagreement; war or prolonged struggle

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