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AH Chapter 13 The Cold War Era Vocabulary

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iron curtainthe political and military barrier that isolated Soviet-controlled countries of Eastern Europe after WWII
containmentthe policy or process of preventing the expansion of a hostile power
airlifta system of transporting food and supplies by aircraft into an area otherwise impossible to reach
cold wara struggle over political differences between nations carried on by methods short of war
subversionan attempt to overthrow a government by persons working secretly from within
blacklistlist of persons who are disapproved of and are punished, such as by being refused jobs
perjurylying when one has sworn an oath to tell the truth
censureto express formal disapproval of some action
inflationa continuous rise in the price of goods and services
closed shopa workplace in which the employer by agreement hires only union members
desegregateto end the practice of separating or isolating people of different races
stalematea situation during a conflict when action stops because both sides are equally powerful and neither will give in
demilitarized zonea region where no military forces or weapons are permitted
surplusexcess; amount leftover after necessary expenses are paid
arms racecompetition between the U.S. and Soviet Union to build more weapons to surpass the others military strength
summita meeting of heads of government
affluencethe state of having much wealth
materialismattaching too much importance to physical possessions and comforts
Harry S. Trumandecided to go ahead with the formation of the new international organization
Mao Zedongformed a new Communist state, the People's Republic of China
Fair Deala plan of domestic reforms aimed at solving some of the nation's economic problems
Taft-Hartley Actlimited the actions workers could take against their employers; allowed government to stop a strike that endangered public health or safety
Douglas MacArthura hero of WWII
Dwight D. Eisenhowerthe first Republican to win the White House since 1928
Nikita Khrushchevordered Soviet forces to crush the revolt in Hungary
cooperatework together
poseto present
domestichome-based, internal
assureto promise
economysystem of production, distribution, and consumption

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