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AH Chapter 15 The Vietnam Era Vocabulary

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guerrilla warfarea hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes
flexible responsea plan that used special military units to fight guerrilla wars
executive ordera rule issued by a chief executive that has the force of law
blockadecut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies or people from coming in or going out; to close off a country's ports
escalateto increase or expand
search-and-destroy missiona strategy used in Vietnam in which American forces sought Vietcong and North Vietnamese units to destroy them
napalman explosive material dropped from airplanes during the Vietnam War
Agent Orangea chemical herbicide used to clear jungle growth in the Vietnam War
counterculturea social movement whose values go against those of established society
defermentan excuse, issued by the draft board, that lets a person be excused from military service for various reasons
conscientious objectorperson who refuses military service on the basis of moral or religious beliefs
credibility gaplack of belief; a term used to describe the lack of trust in the Johnson administration's statement about the Vietnam War
VietnamizationNixon's policy that called for South Vietnam to take a more active role in fighting the war and for Americans to become less involved
martial lawthe law applied by military forces in occupied territory or in an emergency
MIAsoldiers classified as missing in action
Fidel Castroset up a Communist dictatorship in Cuba and became its leader
Bay of Pigson the south coast of Cuba
Berlin Walla wall of concrete blocks with barbed wire along it separating East and West Berlin
Cuban Missile Crisisthe navy blockaded Cuba until the Soviets agreed to remove the missiles
Ho Chi MinhCommunist leader in Vietnam who fought the French in a long, bloody war
VietcongNational Liberation Front (NLF)
Gulf of Tonkin Resolutiongave President Johnson broad authority to use American forces
Tet Offensivea series of attacks which began on Tet, January 31, 1968, which turned many Americans against the war
Robert F. Kennedysought the Democratic nomination in 1968
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.was shot and killed April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee
Hubert H. HumphreyVice President for Johnson, sought the Democratic nomination for president in 1968
George C. Wallacegovernor of Alabama and third-party candidate in 1968
Richard M. NixonRepublican nominee who offered peace with honor in Vietnam
Henry KissingerNixon's national security advisor
Pentagon Papersbacked up what many Americans had long believed; the government had not been honest with them
respondto reply
occurto take place
tracefollow back to
regimegoverning authority
conductto direct the course of
excludeshut out
authoritypower to decide; power to give orders and make decisions
demonstrationa protest march

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