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AH Chapter 17 New Challenges Vocabulary

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deregulationthe act of cutting the restrictions and regulations that government places on business
supply-side economicsan economic theory that proposes tax cuts as a means of stimulating the economy to produce more goods and services
federal debtthe amount of money owed by the government
coalitiona group united for action
bankruptcythe condition of being unable to pay one's debts; one's property is managed or sold to pay those to whom one owes money
downsizethe practice of companies laying off workers to become more efficient and to increase earnings
grassroots movementpeople at the local level organizing for political action
deficit spendingthe government spending more money than it takes in
budget deficitthe amount by which government spending exceeds revenue
gross domestic productthe value of all the goods and services produced in a nation during a one-year period
perjurylying when one has sworn an oath to tell the truth
terrorismthe use of violence by groups against civilians to achieve a political goal
fundamentalista person who believes in the literal meaning of religious texts and follows strict obedience to religious laws
counterterrorismmilitary or political activities intended to combat terrorism
insurgenta person who revolts against civil authority; rebel
leveehigh walls or an embankment to prevent flooding in low-lying areas
interdependentrely on one another
globalismthe idea that the world's economies and societies are all part of one big system
trade deficitthe situation when the value of a country's foreign imports exceeds the value of its exports
free tradethe absence of trade barriers so that goods flow freely among countries
urban sprawlthe spread of human settlements into natural areas
acid rainrain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants from the burning of fossil fuels
global warminga steady increase in average world temperatures
deportto send out of a country aliens who are considered dangerous
amnestythe granting of a pardon to a large number of persons; protection from prosecution for an illegal act
Sandra Day O'Connorthe first woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court
George H.W. BushVice President of Ronald Reagan
Geraldine Ferrarothe first woman to run for vice president on a major political party ticket
Mikhail GorbachevSoviet leader who was committed to reforming the Soviet government
Tiananmen Squarewhere students and worker in China held protests calling for democracy
Saddam HusseinIraq's dictator who sent his army into Kuwait
Colin Powellchairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Norman Schwarzkopfcommanded the U.S. forces in Kuwait
Operation Desert Stormname for the military operation launched by coalition forces in January, 1991
Bill ClintonArkansas governor nominated by the Democrats in 1992
Al GoreTennessee senator chosen as Clinton's running mate
George W. Bushthe son of former President George H.W. Bush
Richard Cheneyserved as chief of staff to President Gerald Ford and defense secretary to former President Bush in 1989
Condoleeza Ricethe first woman in history to hold the job of national security advisor
Osama bin Ladena Saudi Arabian man who planned the September 11 attacks
USA Patriot Actnew measures to combat terrorism
Hurricane Katrinaa major natural disaster which raged from Florida to Louisiana in 2005
Nancy Pelosithe first female Speaker of the House of Representatives
Barack Obamafirst African American President of the United States
Mitt RomneyRepublican nominee for president in 2012
quoteto repeat the words of another
themea subject or topic of a work
retainhold onto
scoperange or area
priorearlier or before
definiteprecise or well-defined
decadea period of ten years
awaremindful; to have knowledge of
Donald Trump2016 Republican presidential candidate
Hillary Clinton2016 Democratic presidential candidate

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