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2.1Speaker setup consisting of two stereo speakers combined with a subwoofer.
5.1Four satellite speakers plus a center speaker and a subwoofer.
AC’97Sound card standard for lower-end audio devices; created when most folks listened to stereo sound at best.
amplitudeLoudness of a sound card.
autosensingBetter quality sound cards use autosensing to detect a device plugged into a port and to adapt the features of that port.
A/V syncProcess of synchronizing audio and video.
bit depthNumber of colors a video card is capable of producing. Common bit depths are q6-bit and 32-bit, representing 65,536 colors and 16.7 million colors, respectively.
CD qualityCD-quality audio has a sample rate of 44.4 KHz and a bit rate of 128 bits.
codecSoftware that compresses or decompresses media streams.
container fileFile containing two or more separate, compressed tracks, typically an audio and a moving picture track. Also known as a wrapper.
decibelsUnit of measurement typically associated with sound. The higher the number of decibels, the louder the sound.
Digital Theatre Systems (DTS)Technology for sound reductions and channeling methods, similar to Dolby Digital.
DirectSound3D (DS3D)Introduced with DirectX 3.0, DS3D is a command set used to create positional audio, or sounds that appear to come from in front, in back, or to the side of a user.
DirectXSet of APIs enabling programs to control multimedia, such as sound, video, and graphics. Used in Windows Vista to draw the Aero desktop.
Dolby DigitalTechnology for sound reductions and channeling methods used for digital audio.
environmental audio extensions (EAX)3-D sound technology developed by Creative Labs but now supported by most sound cards.
FM synthesisProducing sound by electronic emulation of various instruments to more-or-less produce music and other sound effects.
frequencyMeasure of a sound’s tone, either high or low
Intel High Definition Audio (HDA)Intel-Designed standard to support features such as true surround sound with many discrete speakers.
monauralDescribes recording tracks form one source (microphone) as opposed to stereo, which uses two sources.
MP3Short for MPEG, Layer 3. MP3 is a type of compression used specifically for turning high-quality digital audio files into much smaller, yet similar sounding, files.
musical instrument digital interface (MIDI)Interface between a computer and a device for simulating musical instruments. Rather than sending large sound samples, a computer can simply send “instructions” to the instrument describing pitch, tone, and a duration of a sound. MIDI files are therefore very efficient. Because a MIDI file is made up of a set of instructions rather than a copy of the sound, modifying each component of the file is easy. Additionally, it is possible to program many channels, or “voices” of music to be played simultaneously, creating symphonic sound.
polyphonyNumber of instruments a sound card can play at once
positional audioRange of commands for a sound card to place a sound anywhere in 3-D space.
pulse code modulation (PCM)Sound format developed in the 1960s to carry telephone calls over the first digital lines
samplingCapturing sound waves in electronic format
satellitesTwo or more standard stereo speakers to be combined with a subwoofer for a speaker system.
signal-to-noise ratioMeasure that describes the relative quality of an input port.
Sony/Philips digital interface (S/PDIF)Digital audio connector found on many sound cards. Users can connect their computers directly to a 5.1 speaker system or receiver. S/PDIF comes in both a coaxial and an optical version.
stereoDescribes recording tracks from two sources (microphones) as opposed to monaural, which uses one source.
streaming mediaBroadcast of data that is played on your computer and immediately discarded.
subwooferPowerful speaker capable of producing extremely low-frequency sounds.
timbreQualities that differentiate the same note played on different instruments.
TV tunerTypically an add-on device that allows users to watch television on a computer.
video captureComputer jargon for the recording of video information, such as TV shows or movies.
wave table synthesisTechnique that supplanted FM synthesis, wherein recordings of actual instruments or other sounds are embedded in the sound card as WAV files. When a particular not from a particular instrument or voice is requested, the sound processor grabs the appropriate prerecorded WAV file from its memory and adjusts it to match the specific sound and timing requested.
wrapperAnother word for container file

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