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Any living thing is called an:organism
Organisms that make their own food:autotrophs
Organisms that consume food:heterotrophs
an injection of dead or weak virusesvaccince
The process of changes to adjust in the genes from one generation to the next enabling an organism to adjust to the environment is called:evolution
Protects DNA intime of not enough food, warmth and space:endospore
Against foreign bodies:antibodies
Medicine that destroys and prevents life (germs)antibiotics
A living thing that provides a home and/ or food for a parasitehost
Group of organisms that live together or attachedcolony
medicine that is put on the outside of the wound/cutantiseptics
Some oraganisms make food using the energy from the sun is calledPhotosynthesis
A change in the genes, copy errors:mutation
Tiny oraganisms that consist of a single cellmoneran
An organism that survives by living on or in a host organism, harming itparasite
A relationship in which one oragism lives on, near, or even inside another organism and at least one of the organisms benefitssymbiosis

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