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Chapter 1

Introduction to Psychology

Freudassociated with psychoanalysis.
insightsUnderstanding psychology can provide useful ____________________ into behavior.
dualismSome thinkers popularized ____________________, the idea that the mind and body are separate and distinct.
Sir Francis Galton_________________________ based his theory of inheritable traits on biographies.
Educational____________________ psychologists deal with topics related to teaching children and young adults.
Wilhelm Wundt_________________________ is the acknowledged founder of psychology as a separate field of study.
Ivan Pavlov____________________ identified conditioned reflexes.
environmentalA(n) ____________________ psychologist studies the effects of overcrowding on humans.
predictA goal of psychologists is to ____________________ behavior using accumulated knowledge about the ways humans act in various situations.
functionalistsPsychologists who studied the function of consciousness became known as ____________________.
legalForensic psychology applies psychological principles to the ____________________ system.
physiologicalA person may be motivated by his or her ____________________, or physical, state.
cognitiveA person may behave in certain ways because of his or her ____________________, or mental, state.
Humanistic____________________ psychologists such as Rollo May describe human nature as active or creative.
Behaviorists____________________ explore how humans and animals adapt to their environment.
bahviorPsychology provides insights into both animal and human ____________________.
systematicNo matter what area of psychology is being studied or what approaches are taken, psychologists agree that their work must be ____________________.
hypothesisA researcher's prediction about the results of a study is called a(n) ____________________.
sensationsWilhelm Wundt claimed that psychology had two elements—____________________ and feelings.
introspectionThe procedure of ____________________ led the way to the development and use of the scientific method in psychology.
William James____________________ is considered the “father of psychology” in the United States.
Gestalt____________________ psychologists studied how sensations are assembled into perceptions.
dream analysisTo learn more about primitive unconscious urges, Sigmund Freud used ____________________, which is an extension of free association.
reinforcementB.F. Skinner introduced the concept of ____________________, which is a response to behavior that increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated.

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