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Week 8 - Immuno, Pigments & Minerals

Brown black pigment seen here is:, melanin
Identify the black granules shown here:, argentaffin granules
A method specific for melanin pigmentferrous ion uptake
Pigment that cannot be bleached, dissolved out of tissue, or demonstrated with special strainscarbon
Identify this staining technique:, Fontana-Masson
Tumor associated with exposure to asbestosmesothelioma
Hemosiderin-laden machrophages in the lungs are caused bycardiac failure
The red structures seen here are stained by:, NFR
Demonstrates with the argentaffin reactionmelanin
The Schmorl method will stain reducing substancesblue
The tissue seen here is:, skeletal muscle
Melanin is insoluble inacetone
Melanoma may be confirmed by usingDOPA osidase
Fixation pigment caused by not rinsing in waterchrome
Calcium is demonstrated byVon Kossa
Urate crystals are demonstrated byGMS
Iron and copper are demonstrated byMallory's
A malignant neoplasm of connective tissuesarcoma
Pigment present in portal area of liver with billiary cirrhosiscopper
Disorder of excess iron in tissues which causes tissue damagehemochromatosis
Calcium oxalate is best demonstrated bypizzolato
ATPase demonstrates enzyme activity inmuscle fibers
Skeletal muscle biopsies used for enzymes should beprechilled in isopentane
A monoclonal antibody for demonstration of melanomsHMB-45
A monoclonal antibody used to demonstrate neuritic plaquesbeta amyloid protein
The substance staining emerald-green seen here is:, bilirubin
Microincineration involvestemperatures around 650 degrees Celsius and the use of paraffin embedded tissue
An increase in aluminumAlzheimer's disease
Silicaanthracotic pigment
The pigment seen here may be bleached with:, potassium permanganate

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