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Enloe Vocabulary Week 9

Currencymoney that passes (runs) from person to person in a country.
Excursiona running out somewhere; a short journey.
Demographicwriting about people; pertaining to the study of human populations, especially their density, distribution, and vital statistics.
Contradictto speak against; to assert the opposite of what someone has said.
Jurisdictionthe right to interpret and apply the law; legal power to hear and decide cases; the extent of such judicial or other authority.
Dimantelto take a man's cloak off his back; to strip a house of furnisings; to take apart.
Diversionsomething that turns the mind away and relaxes or entertains.
Adequateequal to what is required; sufficient.
Euphemismthe substitution of a mild (good) word in place of a distasteful or unpleasant one.
Euthanasiaa good death; painless putting to death for merciful reasons, as in a terminal illness.

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