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6-Vocab 1 Computer Basics - edited LLG

How well do you know the parts of the computer? Play this game to check your level of knowledge of the computer and its related equipment.

PrinterHardware that provides printed output from the computer.
Hard CopyA printed copy of computer documents.
HardwareAll the computer equipment.
SoftwareComputer program
Input DeviceHardware used to get info into the computer.
Output DeviceHardware used to see the results
CPUCentral Processing Unit--the computer's brain.
MonitorThe screen or display
Windows 7Our computer's operating system.
IconA little picture on the desktop used to access a program.
DesktopThe first screen you come to after "booting up" a computer.
MouseAn input device used to make choices.
Touch TypingTyping without looking at your fingers.
Home Row KeysASDF JKL; Where your fingers should rest.
Key ReachesFinding other keys from home position.
QWERTY KeyboardStandard arrangement of keys on the keyboard.
Net Words Per MinuteNumber of words you can type per minute after mistakes.
Shift KeysKeys used to make capital letters, located on either side of the keyboard.
CAPS LOCKUsed to type all capital letters.
SlashPunctuation used in a web site address.
Login NameUnique name used to get into certain software.
Case SensitiveUsing capital or lower case letters is important.
Main MenuMain or first list of choices.
At sign OR @Used in email--Separates the user's name from the domain name
TabIndents text at the beginning of a paragraph

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