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CLC Stage 17B Vocab Drill 2012

matching vocab review

ā/ab (+abl) (prep.)from, away from
haereō, haerēre, haesīcling, stick
impetus, impetūs (m.)attack
sine (+abl) (prep.)without
soleō, solērebe accustomed
maximus, maxima, maximum (adj)biggest, very big
numquam (adv)never
appropinquō, appropinquāre, appropinquāvī (+dat)approach
hūc (adv.)here, to this place
itaque (adv.)and so
invītus, invīta, invītum (adj.)unwilling
resistō, resistere, restitī (+dat)resist
bene (adv.)well

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Dripping Springs High School
Austin, TX

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