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Organism Vocabulary

Find the missing words in the puzzle

organismany living thing
bacteriaone kind of organism
DNAthe blueprints for the cell
mutationa mistake in the copying of DNA
evolutionchanges organisms make to better suit their enviroment
antibioticsa chemical that distroys or weakens harmful microorganisms
immune systema part of the body
antisepticsrubbing alcohal, listerine
disinfectantsheals infected part of body
vaccinesimulates the body to get antibodies
photosynthesisthe food making process that involves chlorophyll
respirationenergy released from food
autotrophsorganisms that make their own food
heterotrophscannot mak their own food
virusa disease causing parasite
Monerantiny organisms that consist of 1 cell
colonya group of organisms that are attached of living together
nucleuscontains DNA, controls the cell
microbevery tiny single celled creature
endosporea small, internal resting cell
symbiosisa partnership
parasitean organism that survives by living on or in a host organism
hosta living thing that provides a home and/ or food for a parasite

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