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Caesar DBG 1.1

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incolō, incolere, incoluīto live in, inhabit
lingua, -aetongue, language
īnstitūtum, -īcustom
lēx, lēgis (f)law
flūmen, flūminis (n)river
proptereā (adv)for this reason, therefore (with quod = an emphatic because)
cultus, -ūs (m)care; culture, civilization
hūmānitās, hūmānitātishuman nature; kindness; refinement
longē (adv)by far, far off, far away
minimē…saepeleast often
commeō, -āreto come and go, go back and forth, go to visit
effēminō, -āreto make effeminate; to weaken
animus, -īsoul, spirit
pertineō, pertinēre, pertinuīto reach to, extend; to pertain, refer; to tend
reliquus, -a, -umthe rest, the remaining, the other
virtūs, virtūtis (f)courage
praecēdō, praecēdere, praecessī, praecessūrusto go in front, surpass
ferē (adv)almost, approximately
cōtīdiānus, -a, -umdaily
proelium, -ībattle
contendō, contendere, contendī, contentusto stretch, strain; to strive, struggle
fīnis, fīnis (m)end, boundary; (pl) territory
prohibeō, prohibēre, prohibuī, prohibitusto keep someone (acc) away from something (abl)
obtineō, obtinēre, obtinuīto control
initium, -ībeginning
contineō, continēre, continuī, contentusto hold together, contain, enclose, border
attingō, attingere, attigī, attāctusto touch, reach, extend up to
vergō, vergereto turn, incline; to lie, be situated, face
septentriōnēs, septentriōnum (m)the seven oxen (“Big Dipper”); the north
orior, orīrī, ortus sumto rise, arise, begin
īnferior, īnferiōrislower
occāsus, -ūs (m)the setting (of the sun); fall

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