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6th Grade Vocabulary TEKS

bookmarkURL's that are saved--(also known as hotlist); keeps track of a personal list of favorite websites for immediate access
downloadto transfer a file over a modem from a remote computer to your desktop computer
e-mailelectronic mail is personal messages sent and received over a network - requires a password
home pagethe main page of a Web Site
HyperLinkWeb pages are created using a special language called HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to link information. These HyperLinks (links) show up on a web page as an underlined word, phrase, or graphic.
Interneta vast collection of inter-connected networks which store information on computers throughout the world
LANlocal area network--a small area network such as in an office
logoffto sign off on a computer system
logonto sign on to a computer system
modemmodulator/demodulator--hardware allowing the computer to send and receive information over phone lines; measured in bps (bits per second)
Netscape NavigatorNetscape is the name of a software company. Navigator is their web browser that makes manuevering the Web much easier. Netscape Navigator is a browser supported by the DISD.
pathnameidentifies the location of an item on the server and is always preceded by a single slash
protocolidentifies a manner for interpreting computer information and is always followed by a colon
Search Enginesan Internet program on a Web site that searches the Internet for specific information (i.e. Yahoo, Alta Vista, Hot Bot)
serveridentifies the computer system that stores the information you seek and is always preceded by two slashes
service providerthe company that provides access to the Internet
uploadto transfer a file over a modem from your desktop computer to your remote computer
URLEvery page (or link) has a unique address called the URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The URL is a text used for identifying and addressing an item on a computer network.
WANwide area network--a computer network spanning a wide geographical area
web browsersoftware that allows users to access and navigate the contents of the Internet
WWWWorld Wide Web--the Internet has several components, including the World Wide Web.
copyrightthe exclusive legal right of ownership for an original document, graphic, or piece of software
hackera computer user who illegally visits network computers to look around or cause harm
netiquettethe rules of conduct for Internet users
FAQfrequently asked questions; files used to answer common questions on a certain topic or application
griddotted lines on a graphic's document which allows you to create and align objects more precisely
groupallows you to work with several objects as one
pixela single dot out of thousands that make up a screen image
transforma command that allows you to change either the form or position of a graphic horizontally, vertically, or by percentage
alignto line up objects
footera page element that repeats at the bottom of every printed page in the document
headera page element that repeats at the top of every printed page in the document
justifyto align the text evenly along both margins
rulersused for measurement in text and graphics

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