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bipedcreature with two feet
centipedecreature with 100 feet
impedimentsomething that stands in one's way; an obstacle
millipedea creature with 1,000 feet
pedala lever that is moved with one's foot
bi-prefix that means two
cent-prefix that means 100
milli-prefix that means 1,000
peddlera person who goes from door to door on foot selling stuff
pedestriana person who crosses the street on foot
-ersuffix that means someone who...
pedicurea foot treatment that includes soaking the feet
quadrupeda four-footed creature
tripoda three-footed stand often used to balance a camera
quad-prefix that means four
tri-prefix that means three
pedestala decorative stand for vases & sculptures
pedometera device that measure the distance covered on foot
podiatrista foot doctor
-metersuffix that means measure

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