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reproductionthe act of replacing oneself
aphotic zonemarine biome without light
atomsbasic building blocks of life
autotrophsorganisms that can create their own food
baseforms hydroxide atoms in water, ph of above 7
biomea large climate zone where many of the same types of animals live
biosphereincludes all biomes; the earth
biotic factorsthe living things that affect a habitat
abiotic factorsthe non-living things that affect a habitat
carbohydrateorganic compound used by cells to store energy
carrying capacitythe number of organisms a habitat can sustain in a dynamic equilibrium
cell wallinflexible coat around a plant cell
chlorophyllgives plants their green pigment
chloroplastcontains chlorophyll
chromosomecontains the gene material inside a cell
climax communitya community with all the organisms it can hold
commensalismone species benefits, the other is neither hurt nor helped
cytoplasmclear fluid in cells where chemical reactions occur
deductive reasoninga specific example based on a general rule
density-dependant factorssickness; factors that affect a population more or less based on density
density-independant factorsfactors that affect a population more depending on the density of the area
developmentslow or rapid change in characteristics of an animal
diffusiona movement of molecules from an area of greater desity to an area of less density
dissacharide2 sugar combination
double helixarangement of particles in DNA
endocytosisactive transport from the outside to the inside of the cell
energynecessary to do work
eukaryotecell with a nucleaus
evolutionthe gradual change of characteristics of a population over time
facilitated diffusionthe movement of substances in and out of the cell by use of channel proteins
food chaina possible route for energy to travel
food webmultiple possible routes for energy to travel
golgi apparatusclean up crew of the cell
grasslandsbiome consisting of a lot of grass and not many trees
habitatcollection of niches in one area
homeostasisbiological equilibrium


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