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Chapter 2 Games

Games on Chap. 2

What is an organism that makes its own food?Autotroph
What is an organism that ingests its food?Heterotroph
The genetic "code."DNA
What is a vaccine?A dead or weakened virus injected into the body to build up immunity.
What is the process of converting the sun's energy into food called?Photosynthesis
The brain or control center of a cell.Nucleus
What is the name for the hard protein coat that bacteria builds when living conditions are unsatisfactory?Endospore
An organism that needs another organism to reproduce.Parasite
The name of an organism that is taken over by a parasite.Host
What is a mutation?A genetic mistake or miscopy.
The system of antibodies that fight of disease.Immune system.
What is the other name for a living thing?Organism
What is the chemical used to clean wounds called?Antiseptic
What is the name of the chemical used to clear objects of bacteria?Disinfectant
What is the name for an organism smaller than a cell?Microbe

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