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Caesar DBG 1.6

omnīnō (adv)altogether, in all, entirely
vix (adv)with difficulty, scarcely
quā (adv)where, by what route, along which
singulī, -ae, -aone at a time
impendeo, impendēre, impendī, impēnsusto hang over
perpaucī, -ae,-avery few; (as a substantive, very few men)
expedītus, -a, -umunimpeded, without baggage; available, convenient
nūper (adv)recently
pācō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto pacify
fluō, fluere, flūxī, flūctusto flow
nōnnūllussome, several
vādum, -īshallow place, ford
pōns, pontis (m)bridge
nōndum (adv)not yet
bonō animō (abl of descrp.)of good mind, favorable, well disposed
exīstimō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto evaluate, judge, consider, think
vīs (f) * (irreg. decl.)violence, force
diem dīcere (idiom)to fix a day, name a day
rīpa, -aebank (of a river)

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