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Caesar DBG 4.24

praemittō, praemittere, praemīsī, praemissusto send ahead
equitātus, -ūs (m)cavalry
essedārius, -ī (m)warrior who fights from a chariot
plērumque (adv)generally, mostly
genus, generis (n)type, class
cōnsuēscō, cōnsuēscere, cōnsuēvī, cōnsuētusto become accustomed
subsequor, subsequī, subsēcutus sumto follow closely, follow
prohibeō + infinitiveto prevent (someone) from
propter (prep + acc)because of, on account of
magnitūdō, magnitūdinis (f)large size, size
altum, -ī (substantive)the deep, the sea
cōnstituō, cōnstituere, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtusto establish, arrange; to station; to decide
ignōtus, -a, -umunknown
impedītus, -a, -umobstructed, impeded, hindered, burdened
onus, oneris (n)burden, load
dēsiliō, dēsilīre, dēsiluī, dēsultūrusto leap down, jump down
flūctus, -ūs (m)wave
cōnsistō, cōnsistere, cōnstitīto halt, stand, take a stand; take a position
āridum, -ī (n)dry land, land
paulum, -ī (n)a little
membrum, -ī (n)limb
nōtus, -ā, -umwell known, familiar
tēlum, -īspear, weapon
coiciō, coicere, coiēcī, coiectusto throw
īnsuēfactus, -a, -umaccustomed; trained, well trained
pugna, -aefight
imperītus, -a, -uminexperienced, unskilled
alacritās, alacritātis, (f)speed, quickness
studium, -ī (n)enthusiasm, zeal
pedester, pedestris, pedestreon foot (on land)

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