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Vocabulary Practice

iter faciebant, (idiom)they were traveling
tribus diebus, ablative of time whenin three days
volebat, imperfect tense verbhe or she wanted
identidem, adverbagain and again
iubebat, imperfect tense verbhe ordered
virga, virgae, fem., nounstick
verberabat, imperfect tense verbhe kept beating
rusticus, rustici, masc., nounpeasant
ibant, imperfect tense verbthey were going
septimus, adjectiveseventh
erat, irregular verb -imperfect tenseit was
quiescebant, imperfect tense verbthey were resting
pes, pedis, masc., nounfoot
vehicula, neuter plural nounvehicles
auriga, aurigae, masc., nouncharioteer
magno risu, ablative of mannerwith a loud laugh
fatuus, adjectivestupid
tabellarius, tabellarii, masc. nouncourier
civis, civis, masc. nouncitizen
praeclarus, adjectivedistinguished
ab, a, preposition, +ablativefrom
pars. partis, feminine, nounpart
ferociter, adverbfiercely
vito, vitare, 1st conj. verbto avoid
Quo instrumento...?With what instrument...?
erant, irregular verb imperfect tensethey were
poterat, irregular verb imperfect tensehe was able
poterant, irregular verb imperfect tensethey were able

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