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Caesar DBG 4.26

uterque, utraque, utrumqueeach (of two), both
ab utrīsqueby both sides (on both sides)
servō, -āre, -āvī, -āto save, preserver
firmiterfirmly, steadily
īnsistō, īnsistere, īnstitīto stand on; to push forward, advance
signum, -īsign, signal; standard
quīcumque, quaecumque, quodcumquewhichever, whatever
occurrō, occurrere, occurrī, occursūrus + datto meet
aggregō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto join
magnopere (adv)greatly
perturbō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto disturb, confuse
vērōn truth, truly, indeed; however
lītus, lītoris (n)shore
aliquī, aliquae, aliquodsome
singulāris, -is, -esingle, one at a time, individual
adorior, adorīrī adortus sumto rise up against, attack
paucī, -ae, -aa few
circumsistō, circumsistere, circumstetīto take a stand around; to surround
scapha, -ae (f)boat (small)
speculātōrius, -a, -umdesigned for spying or scouting
nāvigium, -ī (n)vessel, boat
speculātōria nāvigiascouting vessels
subsidium, -ī (n)assistance, aid
cōnsequor, cōnsequī, cōnsecūtus sumto catch up
impetus, -ūs (m)attack
fuga, -aeflight
in fugam dare– to give into flight, put to flight (cause to flee)
longiustoo far (comparative)
cursus, -ūs (m)course
adin reference to, in comparison to, relative to
prīstinus, -a, -umformer, original; previous
dēsum, dēesse, dēfuī, dēfutūrus (+dat)to be missing, be lacking

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