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Caesar DBG 4.28

superior, superiōrishigher
portus, -ūsharbor
lēnis, -is, -esoft, gentle
solvō, solvere, solvī, solūtusto set free, release, untie; to set sail
tempestās, tempestātis (f)weather; storm
coorior, coorīrī, coortus sumto arise
unde (adv)from where
propius (adv)nearer
sōlis occāsumthe setting of the sun
dēiciō, dēicere, dēiēcī, dēiectusto throw down; to drive off course
ancora, -ae (f)anchor
necessāriō (adv)necessarily, of necessity
adversus, -a, -umturned towards, facing; standing opposite
prōvehō, prōvehere, prōvexī, prōvectusto carry forwards, carry along; (in passive) move, advance, sail, put out to sea

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