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American Revolution

This is a review game for the major terms of the American Revolution for a Middle school class

preamblethe first part of a document
Loyalistpeople who supported ties with Great Britain
Patriotspeople who favored separation from Great Britain
Common Sensepamphlet written by Thomas Paine
Continental Armyarmy of the colonies
Olive Branch Petitiona last attempt at peace with Great Britain
Toriesanother term for loyalists
blockadepreventing goods and services from moving in and out of an area
pensionpayment for military services
privateerprivately owned ships
Treaty of Parisfinalized peace after Revolution
Green Mountain Boysgroup led by Ethan Allen
your "John Hancock"signature
Battle of Trentonturning point of the Revolution
Marquis de LafayetteFrench soldier who fought with Washington
John Paul Jonesfather of American Navy
Molly Pitcherassisted soldiers in battle
Yorktownfinal battle of the war
Charles Cornwallissurrendered at Yorktown
Nathan Halespied for George Washington
Treaty of AllianceFrench signed to come into the war
Valley Forgesoldiers spent a harsh winter there
Thomas Jeffersonwrote the Declaration of Independence
HessiansGerman mercenary soldiers
Benedict ArnoldAmerican soldier who later became a traitor

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