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Caesar DBG 4.30-31

paucitās, paucitātis (f)small number
exiguitās, exiguitātis (f)scantiness, scarcity, smallness
impedīmenta, -ōrum (n pl)baggage
commeātus, -ūs (m)going to and fro, convoy; provisions, supplies
prōdūcō, prōdūcere, prōdūxī, prōductusto lead forward; to prolong, extend
reditus, reditūs (m)return
interclūdō, interclūdere, interclūsī, interclūsusto shut out, shut off, cut off
posteā (adv)later on, afterwards
paulātim (adv)little by little, gradually
etsī (conj)even if, although
ēventus, -ūs (m)occurrence,event;consequence, result
intermittō, intermittere, intermīsī, intermissusto leave off, neglect; to pause, cease
forean alternate form of fūtūrus esse, the future infinitive of sum.
suspicor, -ārī, -ātusto suspect
cāsus, cāsūs (m)accident, misfortune, emergency
mātēria, -aematter, material; timber
aes, aeris (n)bronze
commodē (adv)suitably, properly, appropriately, well

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