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Caesar DBG 4.32

cōnsuētūdō, cōnsuētūdinis (f)custom, habit
ex cōnsuētūdinecustom, according to custom, as usual
frūmentor, -ārī, ātus sumto find food, forage
frūmentātum (supine)to forage (seen w/ verbs of motion)
interpōnō, interpōnere, interposuī, interpositusto put between, insert, introduce
ventitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātūrusto come often, keep coming, go back & forth
porta, -ae (f)gate
statiō, statiōnis (f)standing still; position, post, guard duty
pulvis, pulveris (f)dust, cloud of dust
ineō, inīre, inīvī or iniī, initus– to go into, enter; to enter upon, begin, undertake
cohors, cohortis (f)cohort (1/10 of a legion; 600 men)
succēdō, succēdere, successī, successūrusto go under, enter; to follow, take the place of
armō, armāre, armāvī, armātusto arm
cōnfestim (adv)immediately, without delay
paulō (adv)by a little, a little
prōcēdō, prōcēdere, prōcessī, prōcessūrusto go forward, advance
premō, premere, pressī, pressusto press, press upon, press hard
aegrēuncomfortably, with dislike, with difficulty
sustineō, sustinēre, sustinuī, sustentusto sustain, endure, withstand, hold out
cōnfertus, -a, -umpressed together, dense, closely packed
dēmetō, dēmetere, dēmessuī, dēmessusto mow, reap, harvest
noctū (adv)at night
dēlitēscō, dēlitēscere, dēlituīto conceal oneself, hide
dispergō, dispergere, dispersī, dispersusto disperse, scatter
metō, metere, messuī, messusto harvest
incertus, -a, -umuncertain; disorganized
essedum, -ī (n)chariot (used by Brits)
circumdō, circumdare, circumdedī, circumdatusto surround

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