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Caesar DBG 4.34

novitās, novitātis (f)newness, novelty
opportūnus, -a, -umconvenient, suitable, advantageous, helpful
namque (conj)for indeed
lacessō, lacessere, lacessīvī, lacessītusto provoke, challenge
committō, committere, commīsī, commissusto bring together, join; to enter into, engage in, begin
aliēnus, -a, -umbelonging to another, foreign; inappropriate, unfavorable
nūntius, -ī (m)messenger; message
dīmittō, dī mittere, dīmīsī, dīmissusto send away
praedicō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto declare publicly, report, announce
quantus, -a, -umhow much, how great, what a great
praeda, -ae (f)loot
perpetuus, -a, -umperpetual, everlasting
in perpetuumforever
hīs rēbusby these means
peditātus, -ūs (m)intrantry, foot soldiers

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