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Caesar DBG 5.24

concilium, -ī (n)council
peragō, peragere, perēgī, perāctusto carry through, accomplish, complete
siccitās, siccitātis (f)drought
angustius (comparative adv)rather scantily, in rather small quantity
aliter (adv)in another way, differently
acthan or as (when a comparison is suggested)
aliter acdifferently than
cōnfīnium, -īcommon boundary
quaestor, quaestōris (m)quaestor (financial officer)
praeficiō, -ficere, -fēcī, -fectusto put someone (acc) in command of something (dat)
proximusclosest; most recent
cōnscrībō, cōnscrībere, cōnscrīpsī, cōnscrīptusto write down; to sign up, enlist
praesum, praesses, praefuī, praefutūrus (+dat)to be in charge of, be in command of
ad hunc modumin this way
inopia, -aelack, shortage
frūmentārius, -a, -umhaving to do with the grain, of grain
medeor, medērī (+dat)to heal, remedy, relieve
atque tamenand yet
praeter (prep + acc)except
quoad (conj)until
mūniō, mūnīre, mūnīvī, mūnītusto build, fortify
moror, -ārī, -ātus sto remain, stay

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