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Vestigia XI-XV Review (Latin II--2nd 9 weeks)

DidoQueen of Carthage; abandoned by Aeneas
Carthagecity in North Africa visited by Aeneas
Troycity in Asia Minor which lost a ten-year war against the Greeks
Punic Warsfought between Rome and Carthage
corpus delictibody (evidence) of the crime
flagrante delictocaught in the act
amicus curiaefriend of the court
Latiumarea of Italy around Rome
HesperiaGreek name for Italy (the "Western Land")
Alba Longacity founded by Ascanius
Tiberriver that goes through Rome
Romacity founded by Romulus in 753 B.C.!
Ostiaport city on the Tiber
Latinitribe in the area between Rome and Alba Longa
Etruscritribe north of Rome
AeneasTrojan who left Troy to settle in Italy
VergilRoman poet who wrote the Aeneid
mala fidein bad faith; deceptive
malum prohibitumsomething illegal
malum in sesomething immoral
bona fidegenuine
caveat emptorbuyer beware
res ipsa loquiturthe matter is obvious
Ascaniusson of Aeneas; founded Alba Longa
Numitorexiled from Alba Longa by his brother
Amuliusbad brother who stole the kingship
Procafather of Amulius and Numitor
Rhea Silviamother of twins Romulus and Remus; was made a Vestal Virgin
Marsraped Rhea Silvia; fathered Romulus and Remus
Romuluskilled his brother; founder of Rome
Remuswas killed by his brother
Lupashe-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus
Faustulusshepherd who raised the twins
Larentiashepherd's wife who raised the twins
Alban Kingsruled Alba Longa after Ascanius
prima facieat the first appearance
onus probandiburden of proof
habeas corpusmay you have the body (right to have case heard in court)

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