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Caesar DBG 5.28

ignōbilis, -is, -eunknown, undistinguished, obscure
humilis, -is, -ehumble, low, insignificant
spontevoluntarily, of one’s own accord
audeō, audēre, ausus sum (semi-deponent) + infinitiveto dare (to)
cōnsilium, -īplan, council of war, advice
exsistō, exsistere, exstitī, exstitūrusto set forth, emerge, appear, arise
tribūnus, -ītribune (army officer, 6 to a legion)
temere (adv)rashly, recklessly
iniussus, -ūs (m)without an order (only in abl)
quantusvīs, quantavīs, quantumvīsas much as you wish, however great, however many
doceō, docēre, docuī, doctusto teach, inform, show
testimōnium, -īproof
vulnus, vulneris (n)wound
rēs frūmentāria, reī frūmentāriae (f)grain supply
postrēmō (adv)at last, in the end, finally
levis, -is, -edisgraceful, shameful

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