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Caesar DBG 5.29

sērō (adv)late
clāmitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto shout repeatedly
adiungō, adjungere, adiūnxī, adiūnctusto join together, add
calamitās, calamitātis (f)disaster
occāsiō, occāsiōnis (f)opportunity
subsum, subesseto be under; to be nearby, be close by
ardeō, ardēre, ārsī, ārsūrusto be on fire, burn, be inflamed
tot (adv)so many
contumēlia, -aeinsult, affront, indignity
redigō, redigere, redēgī, redāctusto reduce, bring (into or under)
rēs mīlitāris, reī, mīlitaris (f)art of war, warfare
sententia, -aeopinion, feeling
dūrus, -a, -umharsh, hard, unfortunate
dūriustoo unfortunate
cōnsentiō, cōnsentīre, cōnsēnsī, cōnsēnsusto be of the same opinion, agree, unite
exitus, -ūs (m)result, outcome
longinquāprolonged (here)
obsidiō, obsidiōnis (f)siege
famēs, famis (f)hunger, starvation

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