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Social Studies Chapter II

diversityhaving differences
cultural regionregion in which people in the same area share some ways of life
chinooksbest known traders of the northwest coast
pithousehouse bulit partly over a hole dug in the ground which had some underground rooms
clangroup of familes that are related
dugoutsboats made from large hollowed out tree trunks
potlatchesspecial gatherings with feasts and dancing
makahsnorthwest coast indians who built canoes and hunted whales
totem polewooden post carved with shapes of people and animals and showed a family's history and importance
Hopisouthwest pueblo indian people
kachinasspirits some indians believed visited the living once a year and entered their bodies
ceremoniesspecial services held in kivas
NavajoSW indian people who settled the 4 corners area in the USA
hogancone shaped house built by covering a log frame with mud or grass
shamanreligious leader and healer
teepeecone shaped tents made of poles covered by buffalo skins
legendsstories handed down over time to explain the past
Iroquois Leagueformed when the fighting Iroquois tribes united
confederationloose group of governments each goverened by itself
councilgroup that makes laws
longhouselong wooden building in which several Iroquois families lived together
Cherokeeanother eastern woodland tribe who lived in the river valleys of the southern Appalachians
Mayasindians of middle america who took the olmec ways of life to even greater heights
city statecity with its own ruler and governmnet
classesgroups of people treated with different amounts of respect in society
noblespeople from important families
slaverypractice of holding people against their will and making them carry out orders
Aztecsmiddle american indians who began to setle in the valley of mexico
empireaconquered land of many people and places governed by one ruler
emperorruler of an empire
tributename for payments a ruler demands for his/her people

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