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Social Studies IV

MotecuhzomaAztec king who was captures by the Spanish and died
Hernando CortesSpanish leader who was conquered by the Aztecs
conquistadorsSpanish soldiers under the leadership of Cortes
civil warwar between people of the same country
Attahuallpaleader of the Incas who was killed by the Spanish
Francisco PizzarroSpanish conquistador who was responsible for the death of the Inca leader Atahuallpa
grantsgifts of money offered to explorers by Spains king
Ponce De Leoneexplorer who was looking for the fountain of youth and named Florida
mainlandmain part of the continent
rumoursstories without proof
Francisco De Coronadosearced for the 7 cities of gold and claimed much of the SW USA for Spain
dessertionwhen soldiers run away from their duties
missionariespeople who teach their religion from others
colonysettlement ruled by another country
plantationshuge farms
Indianspeople the Spanish made their slaves
Northwest Passagewater route cutting through North America which explorers hoped to find
Jacques CartierFrench explorer who looked for the passage
Samuel De Champlainexplorer who found Montreal and Quebec
trade networksystem of trade among Indians
HuronsIndians who acted as agents for other Indian groups
Frances DrakeEngland's most famous explorer who attacked Spanish ships and stole their treasures
Sir Walter RaleighEnglish noble who set up England's first colony
Roanokeisland colony of the English on which people dissappeared and were never found
armadafleet of war ships
profitmoney left over after everything has been paid for
JamestownEnglish colony in Virginia which survived
Captain John Smithleader of Jamestown who probably saved it from becoming another lost colony
pilgrimssettlers who came to Massachussets from England to get religious freedom
Mayflower compactan agreement made by the Pilgrims to follow a set of laws for the good of the colony
SquantoIndian Tisquantum who became an interrpreter for the pilgrims and taught them how to plant & fish

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