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Caesar DBG 5.31-32

dissensiō, dissensiōnis (f)disagreement
pertinācia, -ae (f)obstinacy, stubborness
perspiciō, perspicere, perspexī, perspectusto look into, examine; to observe, perceive
dare manūs (idiom)to submit, yield
prōnūntiō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto proclaim, announce
vigilia, -ae (f)wakefulness, sleeplessness, lack of sleep; watch
īnstrumentum, -īimplement, instrument, equipment
excōgitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto think up, contrive, devise, invent
quārē (adv)for what reason, why
languor, languōris (m)weariness
augeō, augēre, auxī, auctusto enlarge, increase
sīc (adv)thus, in this way, so
agmen, agminis (n)column, line of march
posteā quamafter
nocturnus, -a, -umduring the night, at night
fremitus, -ūs (m)uproar
īnsidiae, -ārum (f pl)ambush, trap
bipertītō (adv)in two parts, in two divisions
occultus, -a, -umhidden
ā (with measurement)at a distance of
convāllis, -is (f)narrow valley, enclosed valley, ravine
novissimīthe rear guard (most recent recruits)
ascēnsus, -ūs (m)ascent, climbing
inīquus, -ae, -umunfair, unfavorable
prīmīsoldiers at the front

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