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Caesar DBG 5.42

cingō, cingere, cīnxī, cīnctusto encircle, surround
ferrāmentum, -ītool (made of iron)
idōneus, -ā, -um (+dat)suitable (for)
caespes, caespitis (m)turf, sod
circumcīdō, circumcīdere, circumcīdī, circumcīsusto cut around, cut
sagulum, -īcloak
exhauriō, exhaurīre, exhausī, exhaustusto draw out, empty, remove
circuitus, -ūs (m)circuit, circumference
falx, falcis (f)scythe, pruning hook; wall hook
testūdō, testūdinis (f)tortoise; mobile shelter (for attackers)
īdem (adv)likewise, also (usually “the same”)

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