Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Practice: flash cards: Concepts of Graphing Relations/ Functions

Thr student will identify the following

The point ( -3,4) falls in what quadrant?second or II
Points (2,3) and 2,-9) lie in the same ( vertical, horizontal) line.vertical
The missing number in ( ___, -5),; the point lies in no quadrant0
ordered pairs whose graph form a circle ( function/not a function)not a function
the point ( 3.5 , 0) lies between ___ and ____ ( as integers) on the __ axis3 and 4 on the "x" axis
(0, -3) lies on what axis?Y
The name of the point (0,0)origin
the graph of the inverse of ( -2, 3) lies in what quadrant ?fourth
The quadrant of a point where both x nad y are positivefirst
The ordinate of ( -3, -5)-5

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