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Caesar DBG 5.45-46

quantō…tantōby how much…by so much… (the more…the more)
in diēs (idiom)day by day; every day
asper, aspera, asperumrough, harsh; adverse, unfavorable
cōnficiō, cōnficere, cōnfēcī, cōnfectusto complete; to wear out, exhaust
dēfēnsor, dēfēnsōris (m)defender
crēber, crēbra, crēbrumthick, close; numerous, frequent
dēprehendō, dēprehendere, dēprehēndī, dēprehēnsusto get hold of, catch
cōnspectus, -ūs (m)sight
cruciātus, -ūs (m)torture
necō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto kill
intus (adv)within, inside
honestus, -a, -umhonored respected
perfugiō, perfugere, perfūgīto flee for refuge
inligō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto tie inside, fasten inside
versor, -ārī, -ātus sumto move among, be involved with, engaged with
iter facere (idiom)to make a journey
colligō, colligere, collēgī, collectusto collect

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