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Caesar DBG 5.48

opīniō, opīniōnis (f)belief, expectation
dēiectusdisappointed (when used with emotions)
magnīs itineribusby forced marches (faster than normal)
adeō, adīre, adiī, aditūrusto go towards, approach, come up to; get through
ammentum, -īstrap
retineō, retinēre, retinuī, retentusto hold on to, keep
praecipiō, recipere, praecēpī, praeceptusto order, instruct
adhaereō, adhaerēre, adhaesī, adhaesitusto stick to
dēmō, dēmere, dēmpsī, dēmptusto take away, remove
perlegō, perlegere, perlēgī, perlēctusto read through
conventus, -ūs (m)assemply
laetitia, -aehappiness, joy
fūmus, -īsmoke
dubitātiō, dubitātiōnis (f)hesitation, doubt

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