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Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Vocabulary

airto make a public utterance, to verbalize or speak
balefuldestructive, deadly, sinister, harmful
chideto voice disapproval, to scold, admonish, chasten, chastise
entreatya plea, an earnest request, appeal
entreatthe act of appealing or earnestly requesting
forsaketo quit or to leave entirely, leave, desert, abandon
forsakensomething that has been deserted or abandoned
idolatryworship of idols, excessive devotion, obsession, mania
intercedeintervene on behalf of another
intercessionthe act of intervening
rancorbitter deep-seated ill will, enmity, animosity, or antagonism
reposeto lie or to be at rest or the state of being at rest
utterto express by speaking, to speak, pronounce
utterancesomething spoken or pronounced

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