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AA Pharm: Autonomic Pharm I

2 parts of the PNSafferent and efferent
2 parts of the nervous systemCNS and PNS
afferent neuronssensory; carry impulses to the CNS
efferent neuronsmotor; carry impulses from the CNS
2 parts of the efferent systemsomatic and autonomic
somatic systemeffector cells are skeletal muscle cells
autonomic systemeffector cells are smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and exocrine glands
function of the autonomic systemhomeostasis
2 divisions of the autonomic systemsymathetic and parasympathetic
sympatheticpreganglionic; cell bodies are in the thoracic and lumbar regions, not near organs
parasympatheticcell bodies are in the craniosacral regions; parasym ganglia lie in/near organ; innerv by post ganglionic neurons
function of the parasympathetic systemaccumulation, storage, and preservation of body resources; NOT widespread stim
function of the sympathetic systempreparing for strenuous activity, stress, or emergency; widespread stim.
ACh synthesisglu-> pyruvate-> AcetylCoA + choline-> ACh
all neurons that release ACh are *cholinergic
drugs that mimic ACh are called *cholinomimetic
drugs that oppose ACh are called *cholinoceptor antagonists or blockers
2 groups of cholinoreceptors are *muscarinic and nicotinic
EPI and NOR release sitesmost sympathetic postganglionic neuoreffector junctions
NOR synthesistyrosine-> dopa or dopamine-> NOR(in the vescicles)
what happens if NOR leaks out of the storage vescicles?MAO degrades or returned to vescicle via dopamine transport mechanism
after release into synapse how is NOR removed?neuronal transport, diffusion into circ and destroyed by COMT or MAO in liver, or trans to effector and inactiv by COMT

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