Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


Match the word with its meaning.

vendorsomeone who sells something
saloona place where people buy alcohol and drink it
dowryproperty that a wife brings into a new marriage
clana group of family members
lynchto put to death without a trial
bilgethe bottom of a ship's hull
conventionalobserving the customs of society
dialectregional variety of a language
insolentto show disrespect
piousto act in a very religous manner
phenominalan extraordinary person or event
tinkerto repair or adjust something
skirmisha minor engagement of war
poulticea heated, medicated mass spread on a cloth and applied to a wound
unalloyedunmixed, pure
malleablecapable of being shaped by beating with a hammer
meticulousextreen care in attending to detail
rheumaticinflamation or pain in muscles or joints
mutualhaving the same feeling for one another
hunkered downcrouch, squat
embodimentto express in a definite form
intuitiveto have quick insight into things
begrudgeto give in reluctantly
guildan association of men with common ideas and goals

Brenda A. Dyck

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