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The Ancient Maya

Students will use these online activities to review concepts and vocabulary relating to the Ancient Mayans.

MayaGroup of ancient Mesoamericans that settled in the Yucatan Peninsula and in the modern day countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras by crossing the land bridge from Asia and migrating south over time
BCBefore Christ
ADAnno Domini (year of the lord)
BCEBefore the Common Era
CECommon Era
Pre classic Era2500 B.C.E to circa 250 C.E. Characterized by the Mayans being hunters and gatherers and also forming ancient fishing settlements along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
Classic Era250 C.E. to circa 900 C.E. Characterized by the building of great cities, great stone structures, stone pyramids, stone temples, the development of a sophisticated writing system, the study of astronomy, the creation of accurate calendars, and a mass development of farming techniques. Historians consider this era to be the most accomplished of the 3 Mayan eras.
Post classic Era900 C.E. to about 1500 C.E. Characterized by mysterious Mayan civilization beginning to collapse and then almost completing disappearing during the Spanish Conquest of 1500 C.E.
Mayan ReligionImportant to every part of Mayan daily life; worship of many gods; human sacrifice
ItzamnaThe head god, lord of the heavens and lord of night and day; his name meant lizard; the Mayans believed he invented books and writing
Kinich AhauHe was the sun god
ChacHe was the rain god
Ah PuchHe is the god of death
TikalThe largest and perhaps the oldest Mayan city; located in modern day Guatemala
CopanThe second largest Mayan city; located in modern day Honduras
Chichen ItzaLocated in modern day Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula these ruins include several plazas, pyramid temples, ancient ball courts, and a large observatory tower used by the ancient astronomers. Also includes the Well of Sacrifice which the Mayas actually threw many live men into the well as sacrifices to the gods.
Ancient Ball GameGame played by the Mayans; points were scored by shooting a hard rubber ball through a stone hoop located on the walls of the ball court
PolytheismThe worship of many gods
MonotheismThe worship of one god
Glyphs or HieroglyphsGreat accomplishment of the Maya; System of writing that the Maya created based upon picture writing or pictographs
CalendarsGreat accomplishment of the Maya; due to their study of the stars and astronomy the Maya were able to create these accurate tools to keep track of days
AstronomyGreat accomplishment of the Maya; the study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, constellations
Writing SystemGreat accomplishment of the Maya; the Maya created hieroglyphs/glyphs creating this
Gulf of MexicoMap Question: Number #1 on the map
MexicoMap Question: Number #2 on the map
Pacific OceanMap Question: Number #3 on the map
Atlantic OceanMap Question: Number #4 on the map
Yucatan PeninsulaMap Question: Number #5 on the map
Caribbean IslandsMap Question: Number #6 on the map
South AmericaMap Question: Number #7 on the map
North AmericaMap Question: Number #8 on the map
CodexAncient Mayan books
ShellRepresents the number zero in Mayan math
EvilSpanish missionaries destroyed all written records of the Mayas because they felt that the Maya's religious practices were _______. four letters
DotIn Mayan math one is represented by a _____.
BarIn Mayan math the number 5 is represented by a _____.

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