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2012 DNA Processes Vocabulary Review

Review of nucleic acids and related processes

DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid
mRNAmessenger ribonucleic acid
tRNAtransfer ribonucleic acid
nucleotidea single monomer of either DNA or RNA
deoxyribosethe sugar found in DNA nucleotides
ribosethe sugar found in RNA nucleotides
complimentary base pairnitrogenous bases that match each other, like G-C or A-T
DNA replicationwhen deoxyribonucleic acid makes 2 identical strands before mitosis or meiosis
helicasean unzipping enzyme for DNA or RNA
DNA polymerasean enzyme that reads DNA so it can replicate itself
transcriptionthe process by which DNA codes for mRNA
translationthe ribosomal process by which mRNA codes for proteins (amino acid sequences)
RNA polymerasean enzyme that reads DNA to make mRNA
codona 3-base message on mRNA
anticodona 3-base message on tRNA

Honors Biology & AP Environmental Science Instructor
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