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Vergil 1.520-543

intrōgredior, intrōgredī, intrōgressus sumto go in, enter
cōram (adv)face to face, in one’s presence,
cōpia, -aesupply, abundance; band of men,
propiusmore closely/protectively
populō, -āreto ravage, plunder
superbia, -aepride, disdain
Hesperia, -aeItaly (land to the west)
ūber, ūberisbreast; udder; fertile soil,
glaeba, -aelump of earth, cultivated soil
nimbōsus, -a, -umfull of rain clouds, stormy
procāx, procācisinsolent, demanding; uncontrollable
salum,-īsea; swell, billow
invius, -a, -umpathless, trackless,
adnō, -āreto swim toward, to sail toward
cieō, ciēre, cīvī, citusto move, set in motion, stir up
temnō, temnereto scorn, despise
fandus, -a, umspeakable; proper, lawful
nēfandus, -a, -umunspeakable, wicked, impious

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