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The US and the World

Expanding the interests of the United States overseas.

imperialismempire building
siegea long attack
armisticeagreement to stop a war
isthmusnarrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land
progressivea person who wants to improve government
conservationa way to protect the environment by not destroying natural resources
primary electionan election in which people compete to be their party's candidate
merit systema way to make sure people are qualified for governemnt jobs
political bosselected offcial who has many dishonest employees
civil rightsrights of citizens to equal treatment
prohibitionplan to stop people from drinking alcohol
militarismbelief that using military force is a good way to solve problems
alliescountries that have alliances
military drafta way of bringing people into the Army
no-man's landland not held by either side during a war

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