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Vergil 1.494-519

mīrandus, -a, -umremarkable, wondrous, amazing
obtūtus, -ūs (m)gaze
iugum, -īyoke; ridge, cliff; bench
glomerō, -āreto form into a ball; to collect together into a mass
superēmineō, superēminēreto stand out above, tower over
tacitus, -a, -umnot speaking, silent, quiet
pertemptō, -āreto probe, feel; to stir (emotionally)
testūdō, testūdinis (f)tortoise, turle; vaulted roof
solium, -īhigh-backed chair; royal chair, throne
subnīxus, -a, -um (+ abl)propped up
concursus, -ūs (m)gathering, crowd, assempbly
dispellō, dispellere, dispulī, dispulsusto drive apart, scatter
āvehō, āvehere, āvexī, āvectusto carry off; to go away
obstipēscō, obstipēscere, obstipuīto be dumbstruck, stunned
laetitia, -aejoy, happiness
avidus, -a, -umgreedy; eager, ardent
incognitus, -a, -umunknown, unfamiliar, strange, unexplained
dissimulō, -āreto conceal, disguise; to pretend
speculor, -ārī, -ātus sumto see, look into, investigate
amiciō, amicīre, amicuī, amictusto cover, clothe; to surround
īnstō, -āre, institī (+DAT)to apply oneself (to), press on (with)

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