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Vergil 1.544-578

vēscor, vēscī (+abl)feed upon; to use, enjoy
occubō, occubāreto lie on top of; to lie dead
certō, certāreto struggle, fight
paeniteō, paenitēre, paenituīgive reason for regret
quassō, -āreto shake repeatedly; to batter
subdūcō, subdūcereto haul up, beach
aptō, aptāreto form, fashion, shape
sīnbut if
absūmō, absūmere,to use up; to destroy
restō, restāre, restitīto remain, linger
fretum, īstrait, channel
saltem (adv)at least
advehō, advehere, advexī, advectusto convey;to arrive by travel,
profor, profārī, profātus sumto speak out, hold forth
sēclūdō, sēclūdereto separate, keep at a distance
novitās, novitātis (f)newness
tueor, tuērī, tuitus sumto look at; to watch over, protect
obtūnsus (obtūsus), -a, -umblunt, dull; obtuse
pariter (adv)together, side by side; equally
utinam (adv)if only, would that, I wish that
lūstrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātusto look around, see, survey

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