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Vergil 2.201-219

sollemnis, -is, -eceremonial, solemn; usual, customary, traditional
taurus, -ī (m)bull
mactō (1)to slay sacrifically, sacrifice
tranquillus, -a, -umcalm, tranquil
horrēscō, horrēscereto shake with fear, tremble, shudder
anguis, anguis (m/f)snake, serpent
incumbō, incumbere, incubuīto bend towards, lean on; to lie down upon; to press upon; to press on, exert oneself
paritertogether, side by side; equally; in the same manner, alike; at the same time, simultaneously
iuba, -ae (f)mane; crest, plume
pōnein the rear, behind
sinuō (1)to bend, curve; to move in a curved course, wind
volūmen, volūminis (n)roll, coil
salum, -ī (n)sea (in motion), swell, billow; open sea, deep
sufficiō, sufficere, suffēcī, seffectusto supply, provide; to imbue, stain
sībilis, -a, -umhissing
vibrō (1)to move quickly back and forth; to dart out; to flicker
diffugiō, diffugere, diffūgīto run away in different directions, scatter
vīsus, -ūs (m)power of seeing, vision; gaze; a thing seen, a sight
exsanguis, -is, -ebloodless; pale
serpēns, serpentis (m)snake, serpent
implicō, implicāre, implicāvī/implicuī, implicātus/implicitusto fold; to enfold, wrap around
dēpāscor, dēpāscī, dēpastus sumto eat up, devour
spīra, -ae (f)coil
medium, -ī (n)middle, center
squāmeus, -a, -umcovered with scales, scaly

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