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Vergil 2.268-297b

serpō, serpere, serpsīto crawl, creep, glide, slither
bīgae, -ārum (f)pair of horses; (two horse) chariot
tumeō, tumēre, tumuīto be distended, swell, be swollen
mūtō (1)to change; to exchange
exuviae, -ārum (f)armor stripped from an enemy, spoils; mementos
squāleō, squālēre, squāluīto be covered with dirt, be dirty
barba, -ae (f)beard
concrēscō, concrēscere, concrēvī, concrētusto harden, become stiff
compellō (1)to address, speak to, call out to
exprōmō, exprōmere, exprōmpsī, exprōmptusto bring out; to express, to speak
indignus, -a, -umundeserving, unworthy
culmen, culminis (n)summit of a building, roof
commendō, -āreto commit, entrust
pererrō, āreto wander through/over
vitta, -aeheadband (of a priest/priestess)
penetrālis, -is, -epenetrating; inner, innermost

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